Enjoy the spring driving season in Frederick with necessary vehicle maintenance and help from your friendly technicians at our service center here at Fitzgerald Chevrolet of Frederick.

Spring Services

Now is the perfect time to have your air conditioner serviced, so it’s ready when you need it. It’s always a good idea to run your air conditioner for a few minutes once a month when you’re not using it. This helps to keep the system ready for use around Gaithersburg rather than letting it sit idle for months at a time.

If you haven’t checked your system for a while, run it and note any unusual noises or an inability to cool the vehicle’s interior. If either of these occur, it’s time to bring in your car for an air conditioning inspection.

An engine inspection will let you know if there was any damage to vital components like belts, gaskets, wires, and hoses over the winter. Your technician can check fluid levels, look for signs of trouble in major systems and replace things past their prime, like windshield wipers or filters.

You’ll have better traction when driving the roads around Baltimore with tires designed for summer driving. All-season styles make an excellent all-purpose tire, but they lack the rigid rubber construction and optimized tread pattern of summer tires. A summer tire is the better choice for superior grip on Thurmont’s scorching roads. You can have your tires replaced or have your current set rotated as part of your spring car service.

How We Can Help

At Fitzgerald Chevrolet of Frederick, our technicians can get your vehicle ready for spring and summer driving around Hagerstown with services and maintenance tasks that focus on improving performance for the season ahead. We’ll quickly complete your engine inspection, tire rotation, or oil change, so you’re back on the road and ready for your next driving adventure.

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